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Why Us

About Us

The need for education for females needs no motivation. In keeping with its vision of developing an educated Ummah, IEOSA recognised the importance of educating women.  Whilst there existed many Islamic secondary schools for boys and girls in our region, there was a dire need for an all-girls school.  IEOSA decided to face the challenge of establishing one of the first-ever Muslim Girls School in this region.

In recognising the importance of having a dynamic staff, the school put in place a rigorous recruitment campaign to ensure employment of highly qualified, dedicated and committed staff.  The school commenced in January 1998.  The low and affordable fees are made possible through the generosity of Donors.  
We thank Almighty Allah that we are able to provide quality education; both academic as well as Islamic education.


A carefully structured orientation programme is run at the start of the year. It aims to:

  • Familiarise pupils with their new surroundings.

  • Introduce them to key teaching personnel and senior pupils.

  • FUN Day is held for the entire school to give new learners an opportunity to interact with the others.

  • Assist pupils to make friends with other pupils.

The Head of Grade, School Counsellor, Grade 7 & 8 class teachers and prefects all contribute to the programme.
Should you be interested in an interview with the Principal, Mrs. Bayat, the secretary will be only too happy to make an appointment for you.

The school’s telephone number: 031 577 9986
Email : principal@crescentgirls.co.za

School Policies
  • On admission, each learner is issued with a Code of Conduct handbook. The school emphasises that rights carry responsibilities. The dignity of individuals is respected but those who are irresponsible and infringe the rights of others are strictly disciplined.

  • At the beginning of the year all learners are issued with a hand-out outlining the school rules.

  • In the GETC Phase pupils are given 1½ - 2 hours of homework a day. In the FET Phase pupils are given 2-3 hours of homework a day

  • The progress of a pupil is measured on a continuous basis with regular assignments and tests. Two formal examinations take place; one in June and the other at the year.

  • The average class size is 22

  • All Crescent educators attend Professional Development meetings/ workshops regularly. These meetings/ workshops are conducted by the Department of Education, Association of Muslim Schools and other organisations. Some educators are studying to further improve their qualifications. This year Antoinette Beck from Targeted Schools Development in Western Cape, conducted Professional Development workshop for all our educators on ASSESSMENT. A few educators attended a workshop on ‘Creating Thinking Classrooms’ by Eric Frangenheim who hails from Austrailia. This workshop was arranged by AMS. The educators who attended the workshop cascaded the information to the staff at a special workshop at school. On the 1 st June, three educators will be attending a training course on first aid.

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