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Vision & Mission

About Us
Mission Statement

The Code of Conduct for learners at Crescent Girls’ High School is underpinned by the Islamic value system as prescribed by Islamic Shariah. With a distinctive Islamic character, the school sees itself as the custodian of the holistic development of every learner and attests to provide our learners with an academic education and co- and extra-curricular programmes which will equip them to take their rightful place in a changing society and to meet the challenges of the future.


The objectives of the school comprise some of the following:

  • To provide a safe and suitable environment for females to develop their talents, in as many fields as possible so that they could take their rightful place in society.

  • To allow pupils from different back-grounds to develop an awareness and have pride and confidence in their Islamic religion, language and culture and at the same time respecting other faiths.

  • To ensure that students receive the highest possible standard of education within the Department approved curriculum and concurrently ensure that there is no conflict with Islamic ideology.

  • To develop a strong and highly educated Muslim persons for whom Islam is a complete way of life in order that they aptly convey the pristine beauty of Islam through their knowledge and practice of it.  In this way they will recognize their roles as Allah's vicegerents on Earth.

Our Vision
  • We strive to provide a school environment that motivates and supports excellence in learning with learners, educators, support staff, parents, and community workers all working together;

  • We believe that education should encourage learners to develop to their full potential according to their own individual needs;

  • We believe that learners are of utmost importance; therefore we shall deal professionally with all those we teach, and respect each learner as an individual;

  • We strive to instil in every learner a love of learning and a quest for knowledge which will continue through life;

  • We believe that learners need to develop knowledge, skills and the ability to think for themselves so that they will be self-confident in setting goals, making informed choices and acting in ways that will improve their own lives and the life of the community;

  • We believe that it is important for our learners to have respect for themselves, others and our environment;

  • We believe that learners need to develop their skills in sporting and cultural activities.

Therefore, we believe that:

  • We lead by example. If we work in harmony with others involved in  the education of our learners and show that we take pride in our work, then learners will learn from our attitudes

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