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Principal's Message

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It gives me immense pleasure to report on the events of 2016 as is customary. It was a year filled with anticipation and challenges for me. However, with the co-operation of the staff and learners, and guidance from Mrs Bayat, our ex principal and the chairman of the Board, Qari Lockhat, I managed to see the year through

Alhamdulilah, we are pleased to inform you that all our learners that sat for the 2016 NSC exams passed.
Fathima Paruk                                   7A’s
Hasina Makada                                6A’s
Basheera Dhooma                           6A’s
Yunus Ammarah                               5 A’s
Suhaila Agjee                                    4 A’s
Basheera Dhooma                           4 A’s
Sumaya Coovadia                           4 A’s

We make dua that Allah SWT grants them success in whatever they choose to do in future. We also wish the present matrics all the best for 2017. May Allah SWT grant them the ability to strive in order to achieve their goals.
At Crescent Girls High School we encourage learners to strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives. Thus in 2016 the Activity Period was introduced so that they could ‘Let off steam’.  During this period learners could join one of many ‘clubs’ for a term. Learners had fun learning new skills in sewing, cooking, first aid, arts and crafts etc.

In sport, learners participated in the AMS Swimming gala, Netball and Volleyball tournaments. Some teams achieved top positions and brought accolades to our school.  We are indeed very proud of them.
Representatives from UKZN, Damelin and Rocking future Road show were invited to provide Grade 12 learners with guidance to make career choices. We found these career guidance sessions very helpful as they assist learners to make informed choices.

Several motivational talks were given throughout the year by experts from the community such as Apa kathija from Libasuttasqwa, Moulana Kathrada, Mrs Coovadia and others. These talks are intended to motivate learners to improve in their secular study and their aklaaq.

In keeping with our Motto “Learn, Strive and Serve”, girls are encouraged to ‘lend a hand’ in raising funds whenever the need arises. To this end, they contributed towards the purchase of bottled water to hand over to needy communities. They also provided some financial assistance to MEIS which suffered damage during the floods. One of the most enjoyable and rewarding event that took place at our school was the ‘Pamper Day for Pensioners’. Our girls spent quality time with the ladies giving them massages, manicure and general tender love and care. Some of the pensioners felt so relaxed that they took over the mike and began entertaining the rest.

Throughout the year our girls participated in many co-curricular activities such as the Eskom Expo, MJ Naidoo foundation for social justice, S.A. Arabic/Urdu Art competition, and Spelling Bee competition.  Tabassum Kahan came out 3rd in the KZN region in the spelling bee competition.
Mrs S.B Sheik Ismail
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