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Learner Portfolio Policy

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Category: Academic
Application :Learners

This policy applies to all learners, in all grades, for all subjects and learning areas.
No exceptions will be made with respect to the submission of assignments and projects.
Learners will not be permitted to choose to receive a 0 rather than hand in an assignment or project.
It is the learner’s responsibility to maintain her portfolios.

Deadlines and test dates
Deadlines for the submission of work and test dates will be decided by subject teachers. Each learner will receive a term plan at the beginning of the term which outlines the programme of assessment for the term so that she has sufficient time for preparing for the assessments. Once deadlines or dates have been assigned, they are fixed. Requests for change will be considered only in exceptional circumstances.
Learners are required to hand in work on the due date to their teacher, in person. If a learner is absent from school on the due date as a result of ill-health, arrangements must be made to have the work delivered to school on the due date.

Penalties will be imposed for work that is handed in after the due date. A penalty of 2% of the final mark will be deducted for each day after the due date that the work is overdue up to a maximum of 10 school days (20%).
Learners who have still not completed the work two weeks after the deadline will be required to stay after school to complete the work. Their mark assigned for the work will be reduced by 50%.

Educators will be guided by the assessment criteria for the given tasks. Example, in Business Studies the subject advisor has informed the educators that should the task not be submitted on the due date the learner should be given zero out of five marks set aside for this assessment criterion.

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