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Awards Day

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Address : Awards Day
The year 2014 saw a flurry of activity at  Crescent Girls’ High School – we saw unfolding before us the installation of the modern technology in the form of SmartBoards©, data projectors, scanners and the concomitant software programmes to take teaching and learning to a new level. We saw infrastructure development with the tiling of the floors, the commissioning of an astro-turf Netball and Volleyball combi-court in the quadrangle, the fencing of the school and establishment of a new car park … with more to follow in 2015. Insha Allah, we will have a fully functional outdoor astro-turf court in the “old” car park at the rear of the school.
However, in all this excitement, we did not forget our core business – providing an all round education to prepare our pupils for the challenges of the 21st century. In the academic field we have, as is the norm, produced outstanding results in both the internal examinations (Grades 7 – 11) and the National Senior Certificate (Matric) Examinations. All learners from Gr.7 to Gr.11 passed in 2014. I applaud you for this excellent achievement.
Allhumdulillah with the blessings and assistance of Allah SWA Crescent has once again achieved a 100% pass.87.4% of our learners obtained a Bachelors Pass. The remainder obtained a Diploma Pass. Aalia Dawood and Juwariyya Vahed obtained 8 distinctions each. Pearl Oriele Perumal obtained 7 distinctions. Thirteen other learners obtained 6 distinctions each. 18.4% of the learners achieved A aggregates. Of the total number of subject symbols, there were 29.7%  A symbols and 21.1%  B symbols. Masha Allah to all the learners and educators who worked throughout the year to produce such excellent results. 

15 of our grade 12 learners were awarded the UKZN scholarship worth R20 000 each.
To all the matriculants Masaha Allah for the excellent results you have produced. My fervent duas are  that in all your future endeavours  you do not forget your duty to  Allah SWA and that HE continues to grant you the ability to achieve success in future. Insha Allah.
It is customary at the awards day to focus on activities in which pupils participated.
If Crescent Girls’ High School were to be compared to an oyster then our shining pearl without a doubt will be Pearl Oriele Perumal. Due to Pearl’s excellent results in the South African Natural and Life Science Olympiads in  2012 (placed first in South Africa- Gold) and 2013 (achieved an A)  she was selected to represent South Africa in the International Biology Olympiad from 6 July to 13 July 2014 in Bali (Indonesia).

 The experience she gained in this international Olympiad will hold her in good stead in the future. I need to commend the Trust Board, educators pupils and parents for sponsoring her for this prestigious olympiad.
In May, two teams represented Crescent at the annual M.J Naidoo Foundation for Social Justice Quiz.
The Contest focused mainly on UN International Year of Family Farming 2014, International Year of Crystallography 2014, Environmental Issues, General Knowledge and Sport.
64 teams  participated in this quiz.  One of our two teams was placed 7th and the other 3rd.
Learners sat for the De Beers English Olympiad held by the Grahamstown Foundation. Of the thousands of pupils who entered this Olympiad from all over Southern Africa, Aaliya Dawood was placed 83rd ;ie in the top 4 %.
In the Spelling Bee competition hosted by Radio Islam, Attiya Randeree and Safiyya Kahan performed exceptionally well and received R250 each for their well deserved efforts.
In the Al Ansaar 5 Pillar Game Show, Umme Kulsum Sheik was placed 1st. She won 2 tickets to Bombay, India.

Learners also entered for the SAICA Accounting and Harmony Maths Olympiad. Some of these learners were successful and went into the second round of this Olympiad.
In the Quran we are told that we should be of service to humanity and give charity. Allah said  ‘O son of Adam SPEND and I shall spend on you’. In keeping with our school motto ‘Learn, Strive & Serve’ our learners participate in several outreach programmes. The following organizations benefitted in either cash or kind from our pupils worthy efforts: The Al Ansaar Foundation , Al Imdaad Foundation, The Gift of the Givers and Islamic Relief.

Walkers and crutches were purchased and passed on to Darul Ihsaan for distribution to the disabled.
Learners participated in the Adopt a Granny Campaign organised by Sanzaf. Needy grannies were  identified, and treated to a day of shopping at Asmals followed by a picnic at the beach.
Likewise our grade 8 learners visited the St Thomas Orphanage and spent a very rewarding day with the orphans.
During the course of the year, as events unfolded in parts of the world where human rights were abused, our learners were made aware of the injustices perpetrated against humans.
Through well researched presentations, video clips and live placard demonstrations, the plight of the people in Nigeria, Palestine and Burma were highlighted.
Career counseling was provided to our learners by various institutions. The schools liaison officers from UKZN, WITS University and CTI visited the school to provide sound, practical and realistic advice so that they could make informed choices about their future careers.
In the sporting arena we received several accolades. The U15 volleyball team was placed 1st in the AMS tournament, the U17 netball team was placed 2nd and the school was placed 2nd in the AMS Durban Central zone swimming gala. Whilst we were not placed in the AMS athletics meeting, Shemsa Kundukire was the outstanding athlete in her division.
In as much as I am going to direct my comments to the young ladies leaving the sheltered environment of CGHS, it is also relevant to all our pupils.
Each and every one of you has a talent, that spark that has been recognized, and it is now your duty to go off and start making your mark in the wider community.
By this I mean that your education and your entry into tertiary institutions give you privileged access to a certain type of education, BUT, the end product of this process is not good marks or your degree, it will be the impact that you make on the community from which
youve come, and the world in which we live. If your education does not help move society forward, was it an education at all?
As someone who is about to embark on tertiary education, the question of education is one you should often grapple with. What
does it mean to be successful?
Is it to become rich or powerful or both, like Bill Gates? To get a top job at a big corporate company?  To drive a BMW? To wear Gucci watches and Gavin Rajah dresses?
Is it to influence public opinion in a radical way, like the rabble-rousing leader of the EFF, Julius Malema?
Is it to serve the most desperate in society, even if it means risking your own life
like Dr Imtiaaz Sooliman, founder of the Gift of the Givers, who risks it all in the name of humanity, ethics and charity?
Is it to design a brilliant idea that changes the way human beings all around the world interact with each other

like Mark Zuckerberg, inventor of Facebook?
Is it to design the right idea at the right time, and sell it to the right people
like Vinny Lingam, the 35 year old South African who sold his gift card cellphone app for $100 million to an American company?
Because whatever you do, and wherever this education takes you, if you are able to see above and beyond others, it is only because you have the privilege and the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of giants.
So, what kind of example will your life leave behind? What kind of story will people tell about you?
I hope you will also grapple with these questions.
I wish you all the very besmy parting advice is that you become critical thinkers in society, who 
dont just participate in the conversation, but you determine what the conversation should be. Be agents of change in society; be trailblazers in your chosen field; and never be afraid to challenge
conventional wisdom when you don’t see it working. Speak your mind, but don’t forget that you have a heart.

To the members of the Trust Board and IEOSA, it was our pleasure to work with you .Thank you for your co operation and coming to our assistance whenever it was required.

In any institution a strong team is essential to ensure success. We at Crescent have been fortunate to have a group of dedicated teachers who have always worked with one purpose in mind – that is to provide a holistic education to our learners. Our academic success, well structured Islamic studies curriculum and variety of activities have ensured the achievement of this goal. To my staff, Mashaallah for your excellent work and co-operation.
Ayesha Bayat (Principal)
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