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  • Healthy, competitive situations are productive learning opportunities.  Whether competing in ones area, provincially, nationally or internationally, these types of activities will increase the standard of work of school and enhance the image of the school itself.  

  • With this in mind we encourage learners to participate in Olympiads, quizzes, art competitions, Arabic competitions, science expo's, etc.  We have done exceptionally well over the past years.  Some of the achievements are in the Eskom Science Expo; Ayesha Khan represented Kwa-Zulu natal in 2010 and in 2011.   In both years she was selected to represent the province.  At the National Life Science Olympiad Naseeba Ebrahim was placed second in the grade 10 category national (2009).  In 2012, Hanifa Amod and Pearl Govender were awarded first position .  They competed against  2025 grade 10 learners.  We have also done exceptionally well in mathematics, art competitions, Arabic and speech competitions.  Adeen Afzal from Grade 7  was placed 1st in the Arabic Olympiad  organised by MEIS.


  • East Coast Lions’ Quiz:  In the past two years (2011 and 2012) Crescent participated in the East Coast Lions' Futurewise Quiz.   Alhumdulillah, Ayesha Khan, Fazila Hansrod, Sabeehah Murchie and Marya Ismail who represented the school in 2012, performed exceptionally well reaching the semi-finals.

  • Crescent Girls' High library is a welcoming centre for exploration and discovering for all educators/learners from Grade 7 to Grade 12.  Our aim is to nurture a continuous love of reading as well as the development of sound information research skills.

  • The library is open daily during the second break and free sessions to quality literature.  In addition to about 2000 fiction and non-fiction books the library resources include magazines both (Islamic and non-Islamic), computers and a photo copier.

  • The library provides the learners with more than books, research resources and information.  It also stores models for oral presentations together with past projects.  In addition the library is the place to find a safety pin, a throat lozenge, a plaster, bandage or even a needle and thread.

  • In spite of the ever rising cost of books we have been fortunate that our library budget has enabled us to buy the latest best sellers thus keeping our regular readers happy.  There are library monitors who help meet the needs of the library users.  They have also assisted with the classifications and accession of books, photocopying, tiding the shelves etc.  Their assistance is invaluable and often goes unnoticed.  The library is indeed the heart in a school.

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